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Marcello Araujo
is an illustrator, graphic designer and art editor. He has illustrated books by other writers and created his own texts and illustrations. His books, some of them made in partnership with the writer and illustrator Ivan Zigg, participate in reading incentive programs, such as PNAIC and PNBE. Marcello collaborates regularly with the Revista Ciência Hoje das Crianças and also presents lectures and workshops for students and educators, on
the process of creating illustrations and books.
Marcello has an Architecture B.A. at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and a M.S. on Communications Design at Pratt Institute, NY, where he acted as visiting instructor after graduation. He currently lives and works in São Paulo, Brasil. In addition to his illustration and book authoring work, Marcello is a partner at Amaiscom, a company that provides editorial development services.


Publisher Nova Fronteira / Ediouro
PandaBooks Publisher

Rocco publishing house
Science Today for Children Magazine




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